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Lake Ontario Lakers with Paul Castellano

Updated: May 23, 2018

We started the day bright and early. So early that I'm not even sure the birds were awake yet. I certainly wasn't. Paul met us at the boat launch and we soon took off in search of giant lakers.

The sun peaked over the water as we drove to our destination. It was so chilly!!! We started by casting Nishine lures. They look like a baitfish head with a hook sticking out of it. You can slide your plastics over the hook to give it the body shape. They look so real - just like baitfish.

Soon enough we ended up catching some smallmouth bass. But we didn't want to catch bass. We wanted to catch giant lakers, so we tried a technique called strolling. Strolling is basically trolling with an electric motor instead of gas. Strolling can be boring but it did the trick and I caught my very first giant laker.

We then tried going up river to the Niagara rapids. In the rapids I caught my smallest steelhead and biggest steelhead. This is where we ended our day.

I had a great time with Paul on Lake Ontario and the Niagara River. He taught me so many things that I can use while I'm fishing.

To see how our day went and learn some of Paul's tip check out the video of our adventure.

And remember to take a kid fishing.

- Averie


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