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Giant Prespawn Smallmouth Bass with Simon Frost

It was a chilly spring morning when I went out on Lake Erie with Simon Frost searching for giant prespawn smallies. To figure out what the bass were biting we tried two different styles of bait. Simon set me up with a tube jig and he used a football head.

We started at Simon's first waypoint, a rock to sand transition. He literally had a kajillion waypoints on his graph. I mean, there were so many that he even ran out of room to make more. It didn't take long before we caught our first fish. The tube jig ended up being the winner and Simon changed up his bait to get in on its action. From that point on it was like madness.

We caught fish, after fish, after fish.

On our adventure I even beat my personal best smallie two times. After I caught a 5.25 lb bass, (Yes, 5.25 lbs. Can you believe it? I still can't) I wanted Simon to catch a 6lber. I'd heard stories about 6lbers but wanted to see what they looked like in person. You know what, Simon came through. He landed a 7lber and let me tell you, it was HUGE!

It was a pretty awesome day on the water. Simon Frost is so much fun to fish with. I was spoiled on Lake Erie and can't wait to get back out there. Maybe next time I'll catch my own 7lb smallie!!

If you'd like to see how our day went and learn a thing or two from Simon check out the video of our adventure.

And remember to take a kid fishing.

- Averie


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